Roof Maintenance

Sandwell Roofing Ltd provides routine maintenance and development contracts

Roofing developments and reroofing work may exceed particular budgets. By choosing to maintain your roof you can plan phases of development to match you financial budget.

Public Sector

Where the cost of refurbishment or a replacement roof exceeds the budget available for a financial year, Sandwell Roofing Ltd will stage development based on your roofing priorities.


Commercial properties are sometimes extensive and workplaces may comprise a number of buildings or building in various locations such as shops and care homes.
Sandwell Roofing can contract to develop and maintain roofs for commercial businesses so they are brought up to agreed specifications.


To spread the cost of house roof renewal or refurbishment we can prioritise the work to be carried out. This ensures that your roof is developed to the agreed specification over a period of time.

Planned Development

– A scheduled development plan for your roofing requirements.

– The ability to fix competitive prices for future work

– Helps to meet the financial year requirements

– Anticipates the budget required for roof projects

– Spread the cost of roof developments

– A single, reliable professional contractor to work with.

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